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A Possible Look at a 2040 World From the Life of Alice


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DisruptionBanking takes a look at a 2040 world through the lens of one woman

A storm rattled the reinforced corrugated windows, just as they did nearly every day. A state drone buzzed by, it’s gyroscope battling to stay rock steady in the billowing wind.

Alice Chen picked up her console and immersed herself in her virtual world where she played God over an alien planet whilst travelling by rainbow. The progrmme force-stopped after 30 minutes to prevent the user becoming detached from reality and eventually overloading and frying her brains. A brief thought flickered as she remembered that regulatory hiccup from a few years ago.

Thirsty, she pressed down longer on her kettle, a little longer than necessary, knowing the bio data mined from her that split second longer would fractionally increase her pension which traded on an AI-first Medallion Fund framework investing in millions of financial derivatives products of other people’s output.

Ever since the cypherpunk movement went mainstream, the fall of the tech data-manipulative ways were not yet totally dead, but severely restricted.

Picking some grapes and a tangerine off of her indoor greenhouse to go along with the concentrated insect and vegetable matter food parcel tailor made to her nutritional needs for lunch, she lamented on what real meat tasted like pre slaughter bans. The kettle spewed out her coffee to a ready waiting cup.

Looking at a screen that depicted the street outside Alice zoomed in on a man that walked down the street slowly, his digital ID bobbing along with him. If it had true conscious-driven emotions, rather than it’s EQ-AI, it would have left him long ago owing to his melancholy mutterings.

She micro-donated to him as she sipped away, feeling sorry for his low social credit score that had no doubt creeped upon him one day at critical mass, now preventing him to travel longer distances, purchase certain goods or step into certain establishments.

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Food” came a barely audible command in a low growl from behind her.

Turning to Koko, Alice’s genetically-engineered dog/cat amalgamation (which was illegal but how could she resist at the time with those purple and bronze eyes?), she nodded her head and tossed a grape to briefly satisfy her tiny pet.

A 3D printer whirred to life in the background, pumping out Alice’s latest works whilst unused materials were fed into it from the secondary market in trash. Koko lay down, fixated, on the mechanic and monotonous process.

As she settled to chow down, she watched a replay of the funniest memes of the last foreign troops leaving the Middle East as demand from oil collapsed from the ubiquitous use of electric vehicles. Finishing lunch, she put the plastic bowl in the tray to be taken away by the same food delivery company that delivered it.

Checking in with her AI bot on the most profitable activity within her skillset, Alice debated with herself how to while away the rest of the Wednesday working afternoon. More designs? Speculate on the daily rise and fall of celebrities? Game for micro payments?

The bot suggested another day of polls.

After the world had become fractured with lies and half-truths and although many fact checkers had been legally implemented, there was now a movement gaining ground that official stances should be taken more on popular beliefs to drive certain social policies.

Alice thought it beneath her to put herself through another round of ludicrous questions. She decided to bet on the outcome of what the chosen sexuality Sam Smith would be had they been born in an alternative universe where this choice was the currency. A moment later she won, worrying once again that her higher digital processing power beat player WillSmileForFood78968564.

When constant UBI went into law around the world, Alice Chen had given a thought to those around the world that chose to mindlessly consume media in exchange for mini rewards.

Perhaps George Orwell was correct in that all animals are equal but some are more equal than others, true then and true now, she thought. Alice looked at her AI assistant and not for the first time contemplated what that animal was.

The AI assistant, on the other hand, recalculated Alice’s insurance cost and payout for the googolplex time. It shared the data with a DeFi organization judged to be the safest at that precise milisecond. The DeFi company quickly implemented the new data into it’s varying securities based on polling data.


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