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Anyone Fancy Israel As An Easter Travel Destination?


We jest. Do NOT book a flight, anywhere. Consider a pop to the shop or toy with the idea of a bike ride instead.

Because things are looking a little, if we might dare to say, biblical.

Take the fires in Australia. The locusts in East Africa and South Asia. The African Swine Flu that is decimating pig populations (yes, there are TWO viral and fatal viruses in 2019/20). All of these are being registered on levels not seen in decades. The world took it all on the chin.

But what a difference an imaginary bowl of bat soup can make. We don’t mean to suggest that COVID-19 was manufactured in the most sophisticated bio weapons lab designed to infect and re-infect hosts until the body’s immune system breaks down, we just y’know, are all wishing that the soup was dropped on the way to the table.

What if the internet goes down? What if there is no more electricity? What are the WW3 plotters up to? Can each country go from a just-in-time food supply delivery system to a self-sustained one since yesterday? Are we gettin’ microchipped?

Just some of the questions we fielded in the last few weeks.

So this Easter, consider taking a page out of Israel’s book and instead of gorging chocolate bunnies in some ritual carefully orchestrated to make people forget about the billions of others living on $2.50 a day or less, ward off evil and remember your blessings.

The whole tradition of Passover is also formed around the concept of thanking the heavens for being released from bondage. And this day shall be unto you for a memorial. – Exodus 12:14

These folks have seen worse days and if they can still look on the bright side of things, so can you.

Yep, this is an Easter message from a website dedicated to letting you know what the most disruptive happenings in finance are. As much as we would like to talk about the current ceasefire restart of the Oil War, the decoupling of paper and physical gold or how the Fed is probably going to buy the whole global economy in the next five minutes, we won’t.

Although pointing out that through their world-renowned AI experts Israel may have an edge during this crisis.

We will just leave this furry friend of ours here and hope it gets you through the next couple of seconds. Health is wealth.

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