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Geniuses Please Fix ‘This’ : World Autism Awareness

World Autism Awareness Day

We ask for the autistic geniuses to step forward and fix this. And we all know what ‘this’ is.

Not everyone may be aware but autism is a developmental disorder characterized by difficulties with social interaction and communication, and by restricted and repetitive behavior. Autism is a developmental disability, not an intellectual one.

And people on the spectrum reads like a who’s who of everything.

Benjamin Banneker, Susan Boyle, Tim Burton, Lewis Carroll, Henry Cavendish, Charles Darwin, Emily Dickinson, Paul Dirac, Albert Einstein, Bobby Fischer, Bill Gates, Temple Grandin, Daryl Hannah, Thomas Jefferson, Steve Jobs, James Joyce, Alfred Kinsey, Stanley Kubrick, Barbara McClintock, Michelangelo, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Sir Isaac Newton, Jerry Seinfeld, Satoshi Tajiri, Nikola Tesla, Andy Warhol, Ludwig Wittgenstein, William Butler Yeats and on it goes…

We have no doubt that society (pre-‘this’) has been much bettered by their input.

Today, the masses need help. A lot of unique problems are popping up as the days go by that governments need to really be looking to people on the spectrum for insights.

How does society work together by being 2 metres apart at all times, how do we feed everyone whilst supply lines run dry, how do we utilize technology to gear up our medical responses to ‘this’?

This enemy that we cannot see, yet are deathly afraid of that sweeps across humanity.

Here’s a thought, whilst all those with unique brains sit at home, with many most likely unfortunately unemployed, why are governments not using this giant workforce effectively?

Yep, we know that sounds like socialism. But guess what? States are already paying large sections of the population (we hope their aid gets to those most in need), or at least planning to, and with QEternity, states will begin to own the stock market and quasi-nationalize many businesses.

Did anyone else get a group text from the government? Give the masses direction during this, sure. But give us knowledge and allow people to give theirs back.

Now is the time for new solutions, and autism might actually be humanity’s light at the tunnel. So in honour of World Autism Awareness Day, we call on Big Government to sit up and notice these people, their talents and what they would bring to ‘this’ table.

The Corona table. The table where even once the bottle is drained, corona is still there.

Mayor de Blasio was correct when he proposed $300 million for special education staff to beef up programs. Those staff will educate the future, perhaps making it not so bleak in the long term.

One may know how to conquer without being able to do it. – Sun Tzu

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