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The Masters & Robots event is back: but who claims the true crown, man or machine?

Masters Robots Andrew Samu

Masters Robots Andrew Samu

Don`t miss the future! Technological business challenges – ticket sales have started at Masters & Robots 2019

Artificial intelligence, data analytics, biotechnology, robotics, digital transformation, building agile and positive organizational culture, longevity, reading emotions, blockchain, the future of finance, cities, media, fashion and medicine. What the world of tomorrow looks like will be shown during the 3rd edition of the Masters & Robots conference on October 8-9. It is an innovative melting pot, a huge dose of knowledge on the effective use of new technologies and modern business management performed by elite lecturers and practitioners from around the world, sessions with mentors and workshops, as well as a unique opportunity to establish contacts that will allow business to grow on a global scale. The main sponsor of the event is an international investor, the leader of the young generation of Polish entrepreneurs, who has been supporting startups for years – Sebastian Kulczyk. The sale of tickets has just started.

Masters & Robots is an annual event for representatives of the business world, management staff, experts, government officials and representatives of non-governmental organizations, investors, academics, startup founders who are thinking about the development of their business in the coming decade. This is a look at global innovations shown on the example of a case study that can be used in the strategy of your own company. It is meetings that educate, provoke questions, create completely new perspectives and a fresh perspective on the company’s development.

The leitmotif of the event is digital transformation and the impact it will have on us in the next 10 years, as well as meetings with visionaries building solutions “for tomorrow”.

“There is a lot of talk today about the digital transformation of the organization, but when it comes to practice – introducing a real change in companies, both at the level of technology and, above all, changes in the way of thinking and functioning of employees – there are very few such examples in Poland and the region. The most important thing is to educate employees, show them examples of such transformations from around the world, show them new technologies in practice, especially Artificial Intelligence and all topics related to data analysis. These are the biggest challenges today” – says Jowita Michalska, President of the Digital University Foundation, event organizer, the sole representative of Singularity University in Poland. We live in a world where knowledge builds competitive advantage – so it’s worth investing in it.

Participants of the event are waiting for: 3 stages: the main Masters & Robots stage, the Masters & Robots Youth stage and the COINs stage – dedicated in particular to AI and data analytics conducted by professors from MIT. During the conference there will also be workshops with foreign experts, lectures and discussion panels. Intimate meetings with lecturers for graduates of Singularity University programs are also planned.

The topics discussed during the conference will include the future of business (on how to use new technologies in the organization and how to run an agile, data-based smart company), life (for the use of the latest technologies in urban planning, fashion and space design for the digital age generation), medicine (new diagnostics, treatment methods and solutions that will increase the level of medical care).

In most cases, invited lecturers will visit Poland for the first time and present completely new things. These will include: Mo Gawdat, former Chief Business Officer at GoogleX, “notorious” entrepreneur and mentor of many companies, author of the book “Solve for Happy: Engineer Your Path to Joy” (2017), where he included the model he developed for happiness; Jasna Rokegem, Speaker SXSW, founder of Jasna Rok – the first FashTech Lab design studio in Belgium combining innovative fashion with the latest technologies; Michael Ventura – Speaker SXSW, CEO & Founder Sub Rosa, author of the book “Applied Empathy”, mentor of many companies, including Johnson & Johnson, Pantone and Adobe; Anahita Moghaddam – founder of Neural Beings, trainer Global CEOs, student of the Dalai Lama; Andrea Fronzetti Colladon – expert in Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, MIT lecturer, assistant professor at the University of Perugia.

Masters & Robots are also accompanying events, such as the final of the international competition for startups SingularityU Poland GLOBAL IMPACT CHALLENGE, organized on October 7. The winner, selected from among the final 10, will take part in the Global Startup Program – the prestigious acceleration program of Singularity University in Silicon Valley, and will also receive an invitation to the third edition of “InCredibles” by Sebastian Kulczyk.

An additional event will also be a HACKATHON, implemented before the conference on October 5-6 with the Israeli Embassy. For 48 hours, programmers from Israel, Ukraine and Poland will work on solving the problem of anti-Semitism on the Internet. Winners will be presented at Masters & Robots.

Find all of the required information for this event on the Masters & Robots website here.

The event will take place in 3 locations;
Multikino Złote Tarasy, ul. Złota 59, Warsaw
Google Campus Warsaw, 10 Konesera Square, Warsaw
The Heart, Warsaw Spire, plac Europejski 1, Warsaw

Organizer: Digital University Foundation
Event on FB:

PR Manager / media:, tel. 725 060 005

Digital University Foundation – a foundation whose primary goal is education in the field of innovation and new technologies. Develops innovative capacity in organizations and supports the development of digital skills and competences in line with the latest global technological trends.

Singularity University – a business incubator that, through education and innovative platforms, prepares the most talented global leaders to meet the global challenges of today’s world and helps build a better future for everyone.

SingularityU Poland GLOBAL IMPACT CHALLENGE – the largest competition for startups in Central and Eastern Europe, which aims to identify the most groundbreaking innovative ideas that can help solve civilization challenges such as hunger, illness, global warming and environmental pollution.

Sebastian Kulczyk – leader of the young generation of Polish entrepreneurs. An international investor. His passion is projects socially engaged in the area of ​​broadly understood new technologies, in particular in the field of health, education and infrastructure of the future. Since 2013, he has been managing an international family company that combines the highest standards of business management with effective global charity.

InCredibles – a comprehensive, tailor-made acceleration and mentoring program initiated by Sebastian Kulczyk in 2017, supporting young Polish companies in the field of new technologies.

DisruptionBanking is proud to partner with Masters and Robots.

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