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Our mission is simple. We run as fast as possible to bring you the latest in trends and developments, forging a global network of communication and opportunity between industry players along the way.

Keep up with the new business models and emerging technologies reshaping banking and business.

Highlight issues ahead of the curve.

Connect with firms and tech experts.

Forge partnerships on every level.

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#DisruptionBanking offers three platforms for institutions, industry specialists, rule makers and mold-breakers to discuss trends, gain knowledge on new realities, and carve the future of financial services together.


Our monthly independent online and print publication sources reports from institutions and individuals to offer leading insight and opinions on the latest events, trends and disruptions.
Written with problem-solving in mind and worded with simplicity, #DisruptionBanking Magazine invites readers, whether corporate, tech, or simply curious, into the exciting world of the digital revolution.

Our readership is composed of executives, investors and tech experts in banking and Fintech.


Digital StartUp fosters an open discussion culture ripe for collaboration by placing hot topics center-stage, and injecting eventing with infectious startup energy.

Our conferences unite thought leaders, institutions and promising new products in a fun environment to share knowledge on the fast evolving sector through: international and cross-domain panel talks; networking opportunities and; and top class entertainment.


The network of Digital StartUp and #DisruptionBanking stems from long-standing relationships with banks, fintech hubs, accelerators and VCs eager to use market research and ingenious collaboration to rise on the crest of the Fintech wave.

This inclusive ethos, designed to help entrepreneurs and institutions alike achieve their goals, fosters a wealth of benefits which include: highlighting issues ahead of the curve; driving brand and trend awareness globally; connecting with tech expertise to build tomorrow’s solutions; and forging partnerships on every level.

Digital StartUp

The Parent Company

Sparked from a desire to support banks with their technical innovation, Digital StartUp has grown into multi-cultural team enthused about building platforms of open discussion in digital banking, digitalization of financial servicesm blockhain, cryptocurrencies, AI, RegTec, Fintech, and many more.

Our office is located in Canary Wharf at L39, London’s leading Fintech Accelerator,
Speakers, sponsors and supporters of our mission include:

The Core #DisruptionBanking Team

Fintech Samu


Co-founder of Digital StartUp, #DigitalBanking Features Editor
“Banking may be my background, but tech is my passion, which is why I found fintech so exciting. It had the undeniable potential to form, if not rewrite the banking rule book, and I immediately saw value in forging networks of trust between tech teams and banks. Building a bridge of understanding between both is now my biggest focus.”

From Reeds Barclays in London to consulting in near and offshoring strategy for European banks, Andrew spent 15 years in banking before creating Digital-Startups, a consulting company focused on supporting CEE banks with tech innovation.

Fintech Peszek


Creative Director / Art Director
“Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Artifical Intelligence, Machine Learning, IoT…The list of previously unimaginable technology is getting very long, very fast. Yet what I find most incredible is how Fintech is visibly erasing the barriers which used to be govern banking and financial services. The resulting digital revolution is like none other before.”

Andrzej’s career has been powered by a need to make a difference to the world. He first developed his artistic and graphic design skills in corporate marketing firms, before branching off to create his own sports and trade publishing house in Warsaw.  Today, Andrzej supports #DisruptionBanking’s aim to build a bridge between the tech titans and the general public.

Davis Newsdesk Media


Publishing Manager
“I’m excited to be involved with Disruption Banking at such a pivotal moment for the financial industry. Every day brings a new story of how fintech companies are shaping the future of banking and financial services, which is a journalist’s dream!”

Barry brings three decades of publishing experience and expertise, including work with some of the UK’s best-known publishers and founding his own agency, Harfield Media. As Editor-in-Chief at Newsdesk Media, he was responsible for producing at least 25 international industry, trade and investment titles annually for prestigious government and private-sector clients.


Content & Marketing Lead
“There is no shortage of  reporting on tech, but I don’t believe that the popularity of  buzzwords means businesses understand them better. In fact, it often has the adverse effect. Having a space dedicated to on open discussion during high-development phases can only be beneficial.”

Passionate about putting the vision of others into words, Fiona is content and communications specialist with a track record of building the written and visual tools for firms looking to sell ideas, launch products, secure funding or give shape to their corporate identity. She has worked in a variety of industries, from government and non profit to financial services, sports and design.


Sales, Marketing and Product Analyst
“Having worked with emerging businesses for several years now, I find nothing better than the feeling of building things from the ground up. It is an adventure not without trials and tribulations,but the reward of forging connections between those who will shape the future is invaluable.”

Young, talented, and enviously fluent in tech,  Simon is representative of the generation reading themselves to take the reins in business development.

Contributing Editors

A Global Network

Our editorial combines in-house reporting with contributions from:

world-respected journalists fromForbes, the Financial Times and Business Insider,
opinion pieces from academics and thought leaders,
experts and innovators in the finance and tech sectors,
and our growing #DisruptionBanking Advisory Board.

In the spirit of building a round table, we welcome both one-off and long-term contributions from journalists, thought leaders, and innovators. Please get in touch privately if you wish to talk about a topic.

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