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Q&A with Fintech Aviv


It has been a difficult twelve months for the fintech space, with global macroeconomic difficulties putting significant pressure on players large and small. Despite these challenges, innovation has continued to progress in Tel Aviv, which has long been home to a large community of the “StartUp Nation’s” most innovative companies. As we approach this year’s Fintech Aviv, which is taking place this Thursday, we interviewed Nir Netzer, the Chairman of FinTech-Aviv – The Israeli FinTech Association, to learn more about what the event could hold and hear his perspectives on the ever-changing Israeli fintech scene.

Q: What is the main theme of this year’s FinTech Aviv?

A: This year’s Fintech Aviv conference will focus on several key themes that are shaping the financial technology industry. One of the primary areas of discussion will be open banking, which is driving innovation in financial services by allowing third-party providers to access bank account information and develop new applications and services. Additionally, we will explore the growing trend of embedded finance, where financial services are integrated into non-financial platforms and experiences, such as e-commerce and gaming. Payments will also be a key topic of discussion, with a focus on the latest innovations in payment technology and the growing demand for faster, more convenient payment solutions. Finally, we will examine B2B payments and infrastructure, which are becoming increasingly important as businesses look for ways to streamline their operations and reduce costs. These themes represent some of the biggest ideas in FinTech today, and we look forward to exploring them in more detail at FinTech Aviv.

Q: Which speaker/panel are you most looking forward to and why?

A: We are expecting great content from outstanding speakers this year from Microsoft, Rapyd, Bank of Israel, and others, but it seems that Roee Zelcer, as the Head of Sales, Products & Services for TikTok is THE speaker that we are most looking forward to at this year’s Annual Summit. During this keynote, Roee will be discussing how TikTok sees itself as a key player in the Fintech field, which is a highly relevant and intriguing topic given TikTok’s massive user base and recent foray into financial services. This keynote is sure to provide valuable insights into the intersection of entertainment platforms and finance, and it is no doubt one of the most anticipated sessions of this year’s summit.

Q: What is the role of FinTech Aviv and what do you hope to achieve?

A: The role of Fintech Aviv is to serve as a hub for the Israeli Fintech ecosystem, bringing together startups, investors, and corporates to share knowledge, network, and collaborate on building world-class fintech products. The annual summit, as part of the wider Fintech Week in Tel Aviv, offers a platform for quality content and groundbreaking fintech innovations.

As a diverse and inclusive community, Fintech Aviv provides services and support to all ecosystem players, including fintech companies, established CEOs and entrepreneurs, global banks, insurance firms, professional service giants, VCs, and multinational companies. By provoking and promoting dialogue between these players, Fintech Aviv is helping to bridge the gap between so-called “elephants” and “mice” and facilitate the introduction of cutting-edge technologies and disruptive innovations.

Fintech Aviv plays a crucial role in the Israeli tech ecosystem, which boasts over 6,000 startups and 300 research and development centers. With more than 40,000 community members, Fintech Aviv has become the largest fintech community in Startup Nation and is a vital platform for driving innovation, supporting growth-stage fintech companies, and facilitating the exploration of new horizons through new business partnerships.

Q: The event comes at a time of volatility both in Israel and internationally. How do you think the fintech ecosystem in Israel can navigate this volatility?

A: The fintech ecosystem in Israel has proven to be strong and stable, even in times of volatility and uncertainty. While the political situation may be tricky, the Israeli tech ecosystem has consistently demonstrated its resilience and ability to overcome challenges.

Israel has a highly skilled workforce and a vibrant entrepreneurial spirit, which have been key factors in driving the success of the fintech ecosystem in Tel Aviv. The ecosystem has also benefited from strong government support, as well as a culture that encourages risk-taking and innovation.

Despite the challenges posed by the current volatile environment, the fintech ecosystem in Tel Aviv is well-positioned to navigate this uncertainty. By leveraging its strengths in innovation and entrepreneurship, the ecosystem can continue to develop new and disruptive fintech solutions that meet the evolving needs of customers and businesses around the world.

Overall, while there may be bumps in the road ahead, the Israeli fintech ecosystem is poised to thrive in the face of volatility and uncertainty, thanks to its strong foundations and dynamic approach to innovation.

Q. What opportunities does the Annual Summit provide for guests?

A: The Annual Summit provides guests with an opportunity to learn about the latest trends and innovations in the fintech industry, network with like-minded professionals, and explore potential collaborations with Israeli fintech companies. Fintech Aviv and the Israeli fintech ecosystem as a whole, offers investors and companies from abroad a wealth of opportunities, including access to cutting-edge technologies, a highly skilled talent pool, and a supportive environment. In addition, Israel’s vibrant startup ecosystem offers a unique opportunity for collaboration between Israeli fintech companies and international investors and financial institutions, leading to the development of innovative solutions that address global challenges. Finally, Israel’s geographical location provides easy access to key markets in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, making it an attractive destination for investors and companies looking to expand their footprint in the region.

Fintech Aviv’s Annual Summit brings together Startups, Investors and Corporates, seeking quality content, networking, and ground breaking FinTech innovations as part of the wider Fintech Week in Tel Aviv. This year’s summit will be taking place on Thursday March 16th. Free tickets available here.

Author: Nir Netzer

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