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Amsterdam to host the most important meeting of Fintech influencers and Bankers in Europe in 2023


Amsterdam’s importance as a venue for fintech and banking events is undeniable. Last year both Money 20/20 and SIBOS took place in the Dutch capital. To add to this, now the organizers of Banking Renaissance are offering a world beating experience in the city of canals too.

In 2011, a large group of executive bankers, financial service providers and regulators got together in Kyiv, Ukraine at the invitation of entrepreneurial couple Elena and Morten Kriek. They got to know each other. Had a drink and a snack. Looked out from a rooftop terrace over the beautiful city of Kyiv and imagined how the banking and finance sector in Ukraine could develop into a blossoming European market.

Eleven years later, their events have seen thousands of participants share experiences, views, ideas and best practices in Kyiv, London, New York, and Amsterdam. The war in Ukraine brought the center of business development to Amsterdam, with Wisselbanck as a spin-off. The first Wisselbanck Banking Renaissance Retreat is scheduled for February 2023, to get the world’s leading banks involved in the rebirth of the sector.

Morten Kriek, Founder of Banking Renaissance, and the Banking 50 commented:

“Bringing together only bankers is not enough. We need more opinions, more experience, more ways to connect, share, plan, and inspire to solve the challenges facing banking around the world. This can only happen if we drop the traditional one-too-many presentations at traditional events, get real, and invite people from other sectors to join us.”

Today, entrepreneurs, bankers, regulators, technology experts, and financial professionals from across Europe have participated in events organized by Elena and Morten. Whether that be from Hungary, Ukraine, Poland, United Kingdom, Romania, Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, or a host of other countries. The compelling message that the organizers of Banking Renaissance are spreading is gaining more and more traction.

“Ignoring technological change in a financial system based upon technology is like a mouse starving to death because someone moved their cheese,” Chris Skinner, Author of Digital for Good

Fintech entrepreneurs and banking veterans will be familiar with Chris Skinner, Brett King, Paolo Sironi, David Gyori, Duena Blomstrom, Jim Marous and Matteo Rizzi. Not to mention the organizers themselves – Elena and Morten Kriek. Importantly, though, it will be the first time ever that seven global fintech and banking influencers will be on one stage together.

Banking Renaissance 2023 is an international conference, where most attendees are bank executives. This time there will be at least 400 participants, in a world class historic venue, the Royal Tropical Institute in Amsterdam.

Topics which will be covered at Banking Renaissance include:

“What sci-fi teaches us about the future of payments”, “Platform Strategies & Business Models”, “Financial Crime”, “Digital Transformation”, “Innovation, Learning and Trust”, “HumanDebt™ in Banking”, and “Personalized Engagement with Open Banking Solutions”.  

However, the event is not just a two-day conference.

“This year we wanted to prepare something special for our delegates, sponsors, partners, and speakers. We wanted to create the opportunity to spend quality time together to dive deep into the biggest topics facing banking and fintech today. We decided to create the Banking Renaissance Retreat.” Elena Kriek, Co-Founder of Banking Renaissance and the Banking 50 shared.

“The Banking Renaissance Retreat events will take place at multiple other locations across the Dutch capital. They will include dinner as part of a boat cruise on the canals of Amsterdam. An awards dinner, a welcome reception at the Amsterdam Stock Exchange, the opportunity to become a certified digital banker (CDB) and a full-day strategic workshop and many other activities.” Elena added.

The Banking Renaissance Retreat executive strategy program is limited to 25 participants. Participants of the full 4-day program will be awarded a CDB (Certified Digital Banker) diploma from the International Academy of Banking and Financial Management.

“Despite all our differences around the world, banking is similar wherever you go in terms of the products and services. So, trying to get a collective group of banks together to accelerate digital transformation and decide on strategy over the next few years it the purpose of the Banking Renaissance,” Brett King, Author of Bank 4.0: Banking Everywhere, Never at a Bank

For tickets and more information click here.

About Banking Renaissance

Banking Renaissance by Wisselbanck examines the big challenges faced in the banking sector to raise awareness and prompt action. We look across industries and cultures to create new ways of experimenting to stimulate the rebirth of the banking sector worldwide. Anyone involved in solving the challenges our sector is facing, is part of the #bankingrenaissance movement.

Banking Renaissance offers opportunities for those aligned with our mission to contribute stories, essays, interviews, and other relevant content for publication on our website and via our email newsletters.

Wisselbanck is registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under registration number 84440414

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  1. Why don’t you have Dharmesh Mistry, ex chief Digital Officer of Temenos and writer for Banking Technology coming?
    True visionary and awesome speaker?

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