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Dynasets: AI is Conquering the World of Crypto Investment

  • ‘Dynasets’, SingularityDAO’s AI-powered investment tool, is currently beating returns on Bitcoin and Ethereum by 18.2% and 16.6% respectively
  • It is beating other popular crypto funds including the largest traded Bitcoin fund in the world 
  • AI-powered tool could quash the fear of bear markets for cautious investors within the industry

7th APRIL 2022: AI is currently beating its human counterparts when it comes to crypto trading. SingularityDAO’s AI-powered DynaSets solution, which launched earlier this year, is not only outperforming Bitcoin and Ethereum by 18.2% and 16.6% respectively (by market returns over the previous three months), but is also beating popular crypto investment funds such as Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (the largest publicly traded Bitcoin fund in the world) and VanEck’s Bitcoin Strategy ETF (which has around $27.1M net assets). 

The platform, created to democratise access to sophisticated investment tools is part of an ecosystem of businesses founded by SingularityNET, a leading AI company led by Ben Goertzel, who created Sophia the AI Robot, the world’s first robot citizen, in partnership with Hanson Robotics.

DynaSets are dynamically managed sets of crypto assets, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. The assets are managed by an AI-powered trading team that watches market sentiment, performs technical analysis and watches global economic events, politics, and many other factors. This means that the team can identify the optimal moment to execute trades, ensuring the greatest chance of returns for investors. 

The numbers, which map a three month period, track the percentage increase in the value of crypto assets against their Dynaset counterparts. For example, if an investor had held Bitcoin between the 20th December and the 21st March, their investment would have decreased by 16.7%, whereas Bitcoin Dynasets beat this by 18%, meaning investors have actually made a profit despite the market decline.

The Dynasets closed beta solution launched in December 2021, with all DynaSets outperforming their underlying assets by more than 15% across the board. Tracking against a basket of SingularityNET’s tokens (SDAO, AGIX, NTX), the associated Dynaset also outperformed the tokens by 18%. The next stage is an open beta, where anyone who wishes to can take part. This will run for about 2 months ahead of the DynaSets V1 launch, which will allow users to short and apply leverage to trades, along with the ability to withdraw, trade and potentially stake DynaSet tokens. 

Chris Poulin, CTO at SingularityDAO said: “We knew AI would be a key part of the future of crypto investing – there is so much global and real-time data to absorb and monitor in order to trade crypto effectively that the odds have always been stacked against human traders. It’s exciting to see our hypothesis has proved true – since the launch in December, DynaSets have consistently outperformed the wider crypto markets.”

The ability of Dynasets to protect against market decline could play a key role in opening up crypto assets to more cautious investors. Bear markets remain inevitable within the crypto industry, and even the best known cryptocurrencies are volatile – in the past year the price of Bitcoin has ranged from $29,000 to $67,000, and prices can change at the drop of a hat. While this can benefit short term traders with the time to pay attention to every market detail, it is often not worth the risk for more cautious investors.

Marcello Mari, CEO of SingularityDAO added: “A huge barrier to entry for cautious investors to crypto is its volatility. The past four months have shown the huge potential of AI to mitigate, and even protect against the losses which come from dramatic price swings, potentially opening up crypto investment to a larger swathe of ‘crypto cautious’ investors.” 

About SingularityDAO

SingularityDAO is bringing AI-powered portfolio management to the crypto space, fulfilling a similar role as hedge funds in traditional finance, but without the barriers that prevent the masses from participating. SingularityDAO also has access to the full breadth of knowledge and experience offered by SingularityNET, which within their own team of 100+ people includes numerous world-famous AI scientists, including their CEO Ben Goertzel. SingularityDAO has all the pieces in place to change the face of DeFi and Cryptocurrency forever and an ethos that guides them towards inclusion for all on their road to creating a beneficial singularity.

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