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Numbrs launches its Bitcoin Account, bringing Swiss privacy and security to Bitcoin

  • The state-of-the-art Bitcoin account offers its customers full control and ownership over their Bitcoins.
  • A fully encrypted backup in a Swiss military bunker located in the Alps guarantees comprehensive protection of the users Bitcoins.
  • Numbrs’ Bitcount Accounts are fully anonymous with no company access to account or client details.
  • Company founder personally invested over USD 50 million from his private wealth to develop a sustainable solution for the safekeeping of his own Bitcoins.

Zug, Switzerland, 19th January, 2022: Numbrs Personal Finance AG (“Numbrs”), a Swiss blockchain (Bitcoin) software technology company based in Zug, Switzerland, is pleased to announce the global launch of its Numbrs Bitcoin Account – an institutional grade Bitcoin self-custody solution targeting the growing number of sophisticated private investors who hold Bitcoins.

Unlike other cryptocurrency custody and wallet services, with Numbr’s Bitcoin Account, only the customer owns and has access to their private key and therefore their Bitcoins. Numbrs systems and staff cannot decrypt their clients’ Keys, identify clients, or access their accounts.

The Numbrs Bitcoin Account has been created in the spirit of Switzerland’s long traditions of offering a secure haven for private wealth; benefiting from privacy, neutrality, stability and a favourable view of Bitcoins.

The founder Mr. Martin Saidler personally invested over USD 50 million from his private wealth to develop a sustainable solution for the safekeeping of his own Bitcoins. Through years of development, Numbrs evolved from a leading multi-banking application to a global self-custody solution to secure and protect Bitcoins in Switzerland. Our role models are the Swiss private banks who have managed to store their clients’ assets discretely and securely for centuries.

In addition to exceptional features such as receiving, sending and paying with Bitcoins, Numbrs offers its account clients exclusive in-house research that analyzes the impact of Bitcoin on markets, the economy and society. The research is created by an ambitious team of researchers, entrepreneurs and computer scientists with many years of experience in the Bitcoin space. Numbrs already enjoys a large followership on Twitter, where Numbrs’ profile is currently followed by over 150K followers.

Fynn Kreuz, Chief Executive Officer at Numbrs, commented: “We believe that Bitcoin will become the basis of a new monetary system and thus play a central part in long-term wealth preservation. We have been big supporters of Bitcoin for many years and have invested in Bitcoins ourselves early on.

“We were looking for a solution that would grant us safekeeping of our Bitcoins, similar to a Swiss account at a private bank. For this reason, we built our own account. We are deeply rooted in the Swiss tradition of neutrality. This means that we are always able to act in the best interests of our clients. All of our actions are guided by our overarching goal: to provide our clients worldwide with the safest place to store their Bitcoins.”

About Numbrs

Numbrs Personal Finance AG (“Numbrs”) is a Swiss blockchain (Bitcoin) software technology company founded in 2013 by Martin Saidler and headquartered in Zug, Switzerland. The group provides a state- of-the-art Bitcoin storage account, the ‘Numbrs Bitcoin Account’, which guarantees an industry- leading and highly secure storage solution for Bitcoin custody and private wealth preservation for the 21st century. The Numbrs Bitcoin Account was created in the spirit of Switzerland’s long traditions of strict standards of privacy, neutrality and stability. For more information, please visit:

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