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ZEN.COM Wallet Introduces Digital Assets Transfers Between Wallets and Exchanges


ZEN.COM now lets you access all your assets anywhere with Mastercard.

LONDON, UK – 4.01.2022 – Digital money transfer service ZEN.COM powered by Mastercard has introduced the conversion of fiat money into digital assets, as well as the transfer of fiat currencies to any digital wallet servicing BTC, ETH or USD-T (ERC-20), with more currencies coming up in the nearest future, such as BNB or support for USD-T (TRC-20).

The platform, which was built to provide a seamless payment experience both online and offline, will allow users to convert fiat money into an array of digital assets, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USD-T (ERC-20). Additionally, users can convert digital assets into EUR, and then into over 30 fiat currencies serviced by the ZEN.COM wallet, such as GBP or USD.

“There is currently a lot of noise around digital assets and their popularity has increased, and yet the overall complexity of the system reduces wider adoption, especially among customers used to fiat currencies. We feel that everyone should have access to their own money, regardless of whether they store their assets in a wallet, or on an exchange.” said ZEN.COM founder, Dawid Rozek.

The service will work seamlessly with digital wallets and exchanges that service the assets supported by ZEN.COM. It will accept and convert digital assets to fiat upon receipt. Currently, the service supports Bitcoin (including instant transfers and top-ups), Ethereum, and USD-T, as well as Litecoin (only transfers from fiat account to an exchange or a wallet). The company is looking to expand this list in the upcoming months. ZEN.COM conducts thorough due diligence into the digital assets it supports, to deliver a secure service to its customers.

One of the attractive features of the service is its competitive pricing. Top-ups, meaning sending the assets from an exchange or a digital wallet to an EUR currency account at ZEN.COM incurs a fee of 0.5% (Platinum plan) or 0.9% (Gold plan). Whilst transfers – sending assets from an EUR currency account to exchange or to a private digital wallet – have a fee of 0.5% (Platinum) or 1% (Gold). Comparatively, many market competitors have a transfer fee of between 1.5-2%. Access to Gold plan costs EUR 0,99 monthly, while Platinum is just EUR 4,99 monthly.

Dawid Rozek continued: “There is no shortage of online platforms that let you exchange digital assets but most of them are not simple to understand or easy to use. What’s more, on top of exchange rates being different across every platform, each of them has its own fees and hidden charges; we believe that people looking to participate in the growing market for digital assets should have a simple and safe way to access their money.” 

In certain countries it is still incredibly difficult to transfer money both domestically and internationally – ZEN.COM aims to provide a straightforward solution to this issue, with the addition of digital assets being a natural extension of this service. The app aims to give users the optimal customer experience through its simple interface, fast conversions and transfers, provision of currency conversion at competitive market rates and the possibility of an additional twelve months of warranty on electronics purchased via the card.

ZEN.COM does not take custody of the digital assets. The technological partner responsible for providing the service is Triple-A.

About ZEN:

ZEN.COM is an international fintech company, which also possesses an electronic money license issued by the central bank of Lithuania, confirmed by the European Banking Authority. The company’s mission is to provide consumers and entrepreneurs with peace of mind in managing their money and purchasing transactions. To achieve this, the company offers a comprehensive suite of digital products and services, such as a payment card, multi-currency account, online payment platform, and associated unique benefits and additional protection for your purchasing transactions. These services are available to users via mobile application and online transaction services. The company was founded by Dawid Rozek, creator of the international success of the auction site for players with 20 million customers, and is growing with the strategic support of Mastercard. See more at:

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