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TradingView partners with free climber Alex Honnold to encourage more investors to look first, then leap


New York, Jul 19, 2021: TradingView, a social network where 30 million traders and investors chart, chat and trade markets, has partnered with free climber Alex Honnold to encourage more retail investors to look first, then leap.

The move comes as part of a wider rebrand for the company, unveiled today, which currently ranks as the most popular investing website in the world, according to SimilarWeb. Please note the refreshed logo in the cover picture, for instance.

Honnold, 35, is most well-known for his stomach-churning free climbs without any ropes or means of protection should he fall. In a video explaining the partnership, Alex says: “First you train, then you commit… The folks at TradingView understand that readiness is the key to success, whether you’re trading equities, or climbing a cliff.”

The company has also entered sponsorships with freeskier Caite Zeliff and adventurer Leo Houlding, who are all now featured on the site’s homepage.

James Maddison, Chief Marketing Officer, explains: “Finance is synonymous with risk. If you’re to have any meaningful chance of consistent and long-lasting success, you need to prepare well and know what the hell you’re doing.”

“This is not a message you see talked about much by some in the industry – who are often rewarded only when people make a trade. But our users know it keenly and deeply; it’s what they use us for. So it’s been fantastic to give this message of ‘looking first’ such a strong emotional grounding through our partnerships with Alex, Leo and Caite.”

“We’re cooking up lots more exciting developments from this starting point for the near future,” he adds. 

Recently the company – which offers state-of-the-art interactive charts and analysis tools, as well as social features for traders to chat and share ideas – breached the world’s top 70 most popular websites (currently 72), according to Alexa Ranking data. 

This puts it ahead of internet giants such as CNN (104), BBC (102), and even PornHub (76).

What is TradingView? 

We’re where the world charts, chats and trades markets. 

What do people do on TradingView? 

Everything market-related. From finding that first initial spark of inspiration reading other people’s ideas, comments and chats, to doing your homework with our asset screeners, news, timelines and calendars, through to charting symbols and seeing trends for yourself, managing your watchlists, setting alerts, and finally executing your trades through our best-in-class broker integrations. 

TradingView is the only place where you can do the entire trading and investing journey in one place, and our value lies in the network effect that happens when you bring together tens of millions of people from around the world doing the same thing, expressing themselves and enjoying the process along the way. Only then, can market participation go from the well-heeled to the everyday – from niche conversations between those in the know, to mainstream public discourse. That’s the world we want to be a part of. 

Key Stats

  • 30M+ visitors a month, May 2021
  • Ranked #72 most popular website in the world, 2021
  • Highest rated finance app on the app store – 4.9 rating, 60,000+ reviews, 2021

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