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Talking about FynCom with RoboCash from California


This week’s #DisruptionChat is brought to you all the way from Irvine in California where we talk about Nano-deposits and Scam calls with Adrian Garcia, Founder of RoboCash.

RoboCash are members of the region’s premier FinTech incubator, EvoNexus, based out of California. Members take part in events like the Tech Coast Venture Network or 1 million Cups, so go ahead and have a look at the type of initiatives that entrepreneurs over the Pond are getting involved with.

Adrian has been an entrepreneur since a very young age, already starting to think about ways to create business when he was 13! He then moved onto Nano technology and soon came up with the concept for NanoDeposits which many of our readers will be familiar with, also known as microtransactions.

“A NanoDeposit is a smaller amount of cash exchanged for access to a person’s time, with the intent of being immediately refunded for relevant conversations. For example, in our mobile app RoboCash, anyone not on your contacts list has to leave you a $0.05 NanoDeposit before your phone rings. If you answer the call, we start a timer. Calls that last longer than 25 seconds are considered good calls, so we immediately refund the Caller in full. Calls less than 25 seconds are considered bad calls, so the Caller loses their deposit.” Adrian shared with #DisruptionChat

And Adrian and the team went further with a play on words for the concept of “Financial Communication” or “FinComm”, or even “FynCom”. Using Nanocurrency as the crypto of choice on the RoboCash platform, is one of the firms that has been helping Adrian and the team out, keeping things as simple as possible.

How do RoboCash deal with Data Protection? How do they make sure that Grandma is happy with the calls she is getting? Click on the video below for more about a novel Fintech coming to the UK soon:

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