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Talking about Innovation with Dr Jeffrey Funk from Singapore


Are StartUps innovating enough? Is it all about cost savings from scale, or have we lost sight of how important breakthrough innovations are?

Universities are pushing the StartUp rhetoric, every business school in the world is trying to entice more StartUp founders. They argue that we just need to try harder, spend more money and time because opportunities are everywhere. But with fewer breakthrough technologies, it is becoming harder for startups to succeed.

When UBER expands around the world, the costs don’t really go down. You still have the same cars, the same roads, so you are not getting a cost benefit as such with firms like UBER.

TESLA has done better than all the other incumbent automakers, and will definitely continue to grow. EVs are a breakthrough technology and perhaps some of his other businesses. Elon says a lot of things he shouldn’t say, this is normal for successful people.

As for #AI, #driverlessvehicles, #VR, #AR, #wearable, #drones, #robots, #blockchain, #hyperloop, and Quantum Computing, Dr. Jeffrey Funk is very active on LinkedIn and you can join his discussions by clicking on the picture below:

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In his post, Dr. Funk wrote about Moore’s Law a few weeks ago:

“Cost per transistor is no longer falling, reflecting the rising cost of reducing transistor size, which has slowed the introduction of new electronic products in 2010s. Gordon Moore’s 1965 paper plotted costs vs. time. The metric was changed to number of transistors as engineers realized that costs fell and performance rose as #transistor size became smaller. Smaller #transistors led to faster speeds and lower material, equipment, and plant cost per transistor. Making these transistors smaller, however, had become more difficult and the result is a slower diffusion of new electronic products such as VR, AR, drones, and robots.”

To join this discussion click the picture below:

And will AI really be as big as people are saying? Watch our latest #DisruptionChat now:

Join the debate, add to the discussion. And make sure the StartUp eco-system is heading in the right direction.

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